Speefnarkle is dedicated to creating original, mind-blasting entertainment for normal people like you and me. With the massive influx of bland, cookie cutter product being churned out by other mainstream channels, Speefnarkle’s mission to create truly original material that is both funny and thought provoking is like a breath of fresh tangblast to land mammals who demand quality entertainment. We are constantly driven by our motto. If it doesn’t make you want to maul your ballsack to shreds or crap your lungs out laughing, then its not worth viewing.
Speefnarkle was founded in 1997 by Reverend Speefnarkle and has produced several award winning entertainment properties. Some of the most popular areWeedMasters III: Power StonedKobok Six: Janitors on AcidGorbak 7The Lustful Land BaronHarry the Limp Dick Sasquatch and of course The Daily Pimpsteak. As a premier entertainment site for bipeds and quadrupeds, we have received over 2.5 million visitors. Our short films have been downloaded over half a million times. The website and films have been featured in several newspapers and festivals.
Speefnarkle is also very excited to announce our upcoming project, Invasin! Ferm Plant C, starring Gnar Gnar and Cassanova from Mustache 47. Based on the technological breakthroughs discovered while creating Gorbak 7Invasin! Ferm Plant C is a full length sci-fi surf movie filmed in Costa Rica, Fiji, Australia and New Zealand. Post-production will be completed in November 2006. Check the website for updates.

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