Beasly Felchbeagle Special Forces

“Apparently someone on this plane shit on the com unit and now we can’t communicate with the tower. Now we can’t fuckin land.” Beasly whispers.
Mirna Lou whispers back. “Well if this things going down, I wanna die fukkin.”
Beasly whips out his dick and stuffs it in her butt.
“Not the fukin cornhole, Sparky.”
“My name’s not Sparky!!!” He looks at the camera. “My names Beasly Felchbeagle. Special Forces.” He shoots a crossbow into the cieling. An arrow with a rope attaches to the roof. He presses a button on his waist. His dick starts vibrating. “Shit.” He presses another button. He is whisked up to the cieling. His dick makes a cork sound when it pulls out.
Title Sequence.
Beasly Felchbeagle
Special Forces
Beasly is at his desk. He’s playing his message machine.
“You’ve got forty seven messages.”
He plays all of them at 600 speed. He plays one back at normal speed.
“Beasly Felchbeagle. It’s me Musty.” says a female voice.
“I’ve run into some trouble with International Fuck. They sent me on a buy. Anyway, I can’t talk about this on the phone. Call me.”
Beasly whips out his cell phone. He dials her number with his dick.
Busy signal.
He runs out to his garage where he slides down on his hip Dukes of Hazzard style into his car. It’s a Ford Festiva. He jams the key in and torques it. The thing caughs to life. It must have a V-30 diesel. He eases it into gear and then hammers the accelerator down. It breaks through twenty garage doors and then shoots out the ear of a mouse.
Beasly lands on the carpet and drives his microscopic car around the house. It stops at a half smoked joint that’s still smouldering. The stoner is passed out on the couch. ColecoVision controler still clutched in his hand. Beasly steps out and rips the joint. He jumps back in and drives up the stairs on a stair elevator. He drives under one of the doors and onto the bed. A naked lady is laying on the bed. Beasly steps out and walks to the lady’s beav. He flops his pud out and slaps it to life. “Cawmon lil feller.” His dick caughs and clears itself with a fork pee. Beasly squeezes it rigid and stuffs it into her butt.

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