You Fukin Loadie Stoner

Sometimes it feels like there is a little hammer carving a mural of Hervé Villechaize on the inside of my skull.
Sometimes I like to get stoned and do nothing. Just watch the same thing over and over. And then go eat something. Smoke a little more and then stay up late watching the shittiest movie I can find.
We must eliminate those undesireable things which plague our minds and our society. I, for one, would like to rid my brain of the microscopic bugs feedin and fukin all night.
You fukin loadie.
Your report card looks like shit.
You look like shit.
Your car is a piece of shit.
You took my frozen Rollos
you fukin loadie stoner.
Barker and Trundie just got divorced. They are meeting for the first time since he moved out.
“I’ve missed you huggie poo.” Barker wants to hug Trundie.
“What’s that stink?” says Trundie.
“What stink?” Barker checks himself out. “Oh that? I spent the weekend at Lithium Jim’s.”
“That fukin wino still with the college girl?”
“Yep. Four of them now. Whole place stinks like weed and cornholin.”

  • By Leroy Jenkins, June 30, 2005 @ 1:17 pm


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