Band of Space Hookers

I’m standing at the space station. Its very crowded. My Unkle Fukrod and I were gonna blast into space this morning but the launch computer had to be rebooted. So I’m just standing here totally bored. Theres a guy with three ears listening to an iPod. Someone near me stinks like weed. I look around to see who’s munching Chaco Tacos and everyone is just standing there frozen looking down the shuttle tracks. I’m gonna reach into my pant leg. I just did it. I reached down into my pant leg and pulled out a rock of DMT. If I can scrape a couple of nugs into the tip of my cigarette then the wait will go a lot faster. I just dropped a bunch of DMT on the ground. Some fiend will smell it and grab it soon enough. Alright. My cig is ready to destroy my brain.
A whistle went off and everyone turned over to the ticket counter. And then a hole opened in the ceiling. A band of space hookers was just lowered down on a platform. This is getting interesting. I sparked up my cig and now I can barely stand up. It’s getting hot. I’m starting to sweat. Is everybody else sweating? Am I the only one whose spine is shaking? Am I gyrating or am I standing straight? Everyones swaying just like me. A noise has started. Its like TV static. Except it’s a lot dirtier. I’m not feeling hot anymore. My stomach feels funny though. I might have to crap.
The weirdest thing just happened. I said I was going to crap. What happened was I was about to pull down my shorts and let it spray and when I did, everybody else did the same thing. And a tapeworm shot out of my ass and suddenly hundreds of tapeworms were blasting through the air. And the tapeworms stuck into an apple sitting on a chicken’s pet ape.
And now I’m back to normal. Just sitting at my computer writing .

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