Eli Gets Hi

Eli Plows Into His Bong

Eli Plows Into His Bong

Eli woke up early to check his traps. He walked into the backyard. They were full. The duct tape that he’d laid down, sticky side up, was covered with bugs. He pulled the tape up and climbed into his treehouse.

Eli pulled out his bong and tested the water level. He added a bit from his canteen. Some of the bugs were still moving. He picked those ones off and put them into the bowl. They glowed blue as he lit them and inhaled.

The smoke went straight to his brain. He felt light headed and then tipped over onto the floor. His brain leaked out of his ear and through the floor boards. It oozed down the tree into a sparrow’s nest.

One of the baby birds dipped it’s beak into Eli’s brain and slurped it up. The little bird hopped out of the nest and flew into Eli’s house.

It went into Eli’s room and took his ATM card. Eli’s girlfriend was sleeping in his bed. The baby sparrow pissed in the girl’s shoes and flew out the window. It headed downtown and waited until the sun went down.

The baby sparrow woke up early to check it’s traps. It walked under the freeway bridge. They were full. The duct tape it had laid down was covered with bums and winos.

The baby sparrow put a wino in it’s bong and lit the bowl.

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