Advice for hiring a plumber.

Wino Plumber

Wino Plumber

I used to work in the call center for Plumber Bob Joe Bob. The most common calls were for kitchen drains and clogged shatholes. Sometimes we’d hire a wino with a plunger if there weren’t enough available plumbers. People think plumbers are lady killers. The truth is that only half of plumbers world-wide get laid more than twice a week. This could be why you pay out the nose for a plumber to come to your house after three AM. Right when the hooker fees are halved.

My friend Mitch Mitchellstorm had some fukin wino come to his house with a plunger and some drano. The bastard poured the drano down the hole and then boned his wife.

That’s harsh. If some wino tried to bone my wife, I’d shoot him with my crossbow.

He tried to smack him off with a golf club. But some of those winos are pretty strong.

Fukin plumbers.

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