Beasly Felchbeagle Special Forces

“Apparently someone on this plane shit on the com unit and now we can’t communicate with the tower. Now we can’t fuckin land.” Beasly whispers.
Mirna Lou whispers back. “Well if this things going down, I wanna die fukkin.”
Beasly whips out his dick and stuffs it in her butt.
“Not the fukin cornhole, Sparky.”
“My name’s not Sparky!!!” He looks at the camera. “My names Beasly Felchbeagle. Special Forces.” He shoots a crossbow into the cieling. An arrow with a rope attaches to the roof. He presses a button on his waist. His dick starts vibrating. “Shit.” He presses another button. He is whisked up to the cieling. His dick makes a cork sound when it pulls out. Read more »

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