Triple Cat Pack Wolf Puke

I just picked a hard skinny bugur and scraped it under the table. The end had a sticky little drop that held it on. I’ve got pretty mean cotton mouth now. I’ll probably destroy the refrigerator soon. All the convenience food and anything I can roll in a tortilla will be gone by morning. I’ve been drinking a lot of wine these days. Usually I like a good middle priced beer with my grass. Sometimes I enjoy a Miller Low Life. But we’ve been getting a lot of that shitbomb wine from Trader Joes. Charles Shaw. It actually goes well with white widow or jack herrar hash blasters. After two bottles it feels like there are ants moving back and forth down my dick hole. When I try to pump a piss it ends up coming out triple forked so I’ll drench my leg, hit the rim of the toilet, and above the back tank on the wall.

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