Its Just the Idea

Darfzox was jettisoning some cargo when his light-spackler coughed to a stop. He didn’t see the service cannibals doing knee spins on his roof. They zip lined down and put him in hand cuffs. He was under arrest for speed loitering and illegal dumping. Darfzox gave them his drivers license and he stuck a leg to the bottom of it with a couple bugurs. Well they didn’t take the bribe well and they started chewing on Darfzox. They were almost up to his knee when Captain Domestic skated by on a foot board. He put his loafer to the ground and stopped. He walked over and kicked one of the cannibals in the ass and lifted him into the sky and kicked him into his trailer. The other cannibal was all the way up my other leg now. Captain Domestic reached over and grabbed the cannibal by his nose ring and punched him in the temple. The cannibal fell over into the river. Captain Domestic took off and all I have is this bill. I don’t know where he got this chips and salsa charge. I didn’t order any food. Sixty two bucks for getting the cannibals off me, but he’s fucked in the ear if he thinks I’m gonna submit to this kind of larceny. Luckly my insurance should take care of the whole bill. Its just the idea of it that pisses me off.

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