Sobe Bottle Water Bong

Rork pulled out the partially smoked blunt and handed it over to Pargo. Pargo slipped it into his jacket pocket and said thanks. Pargo crouched down behind the dumpster and bonged it down in a Sobe bottle. He caughed and woke up Wino Jim. Wino Jim rolled out from under his newspapers and scraped the bowl into his crack pipe. He sprinkled some ]]]]]]]]]]]]> on the shavings and ripped a bow drill out of a hole in his head and whistled. A very small man jumped into his crackpipe and started a fire. Once the weed chips were roasting the very small man crawled over the rim of the pipe. He ran along Wino Jim’s arm and into his coat pocket and pulled out a scrap of paper. He skipped home and told his normal size wife the good news. Wino season had started.

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