Scat Collecting

Scat Collector

Petrified wolf droppings can fetch as much as twelve dollars a pound on the right street corner. I’ll stop there and collect my thoughts for tomorrow.
I’ve decided that its best if I can keep the entries short then this journal will last longer. But in deference to that, today was a healthy day. I woke up really early and scavenged the zoo. Got high on some cow piss for lunch and then had a beer at the lodge. Met a good looking girl playing pool. Didn’t get her number though. I hope she will be there tomorrow.
Intense day in the forest today. Gathered over twenty five pounds of assorted turds. Mostly badger and muskrat. And just enough moose blast to cover my expenses. I’ll be heading to the lodge again tonight. Hopefully she’ll be there. I’ll spend all my cash on her if it impresses her. I’m putting two fiftys in my wallet for tonight. One for dinner and hopefully the other for breakfast. Wish me luck.
Nope it’s the same night. She wasn’t there. Got some d-grade instead. It hit the spot but satisfaction is only is only temporary. Nothing meaty. Nothing you can really sink your teeth into and. Damn, there are cats humping their guts out on the roof. I’m really considering taking my pistol crossbow to them tonight. Teach them to rub it in.

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