Roper The Sloth

Roper the Sloth

Most kids got a dog. My parents got me a fukin sloth. So I built him a mini bong and loaded him up with a half pound of mean Humbolt weed. That lazy fuker smoked through that weed so fast that my dad had to take him back to the pet store. Well the pet store didn’t want him, any animal with that kind of grass habit would bankrupt them in a month. So we took the sloth to my uncle’s ranch. My uncle has a masters in animal husbandry so he ground up some scillium husk and charcoal into the weed. It was a keen idea cause then the sloth injested the weed smoke into his stomach instead of his lungs. And then he would shit the THC right back into the bowl. So I got to keep the sloth and eventually named him Roper.

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